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Roulette Gambling - Can millions of players be wrong? welcomes you to our page about roulette gambling. The next time you visit a casino, you may just want to try out some roulette gambling, and well you should. It's a really fun game, and there's not as much excitement and pressure as craps, which can distract you from your fun. Roulette gambling is one of the most popular things to do at a casino. That's because is has the reputation for being easy to learn and easy to play. There aren't any complex rules to learn, just which bet is what, and what the odds are. Basically, the higher the odds, the less chance you have of winning a particular bet.

When you're involved in roulette gambling, there aren't that many different bets you can make. You can bet on a single number coming up, like red 12, and hope for a miracle (which, at 35:1 odds, is not far from the truth), or you can bet on a whole column of numbers or a row or series of rows. You can also bet on something as simple as the ball falling into a red pocket, which, at even money (1:1 odds), is one of the safest roulette gambling bets you can make.

As far as we're concerned, roulette gambling should be all about having fun, not about feeling big pressure to win big. If you want to see what the game is like, just look up some free online roulette software, and dive right in. You'll soon see that roulette gambling can be a great way to pass the time online. If you're playing a free online game, you also have the advantage of being able to really try out all the different betting options, finding just the right one or ones for you and your style of play. Not everyone wants to play it safe, and stick with the even money bets, some roulette players like to live on the edge, and bet large on the 00 or another single number. It's all up to you, and how you feel at the time. If you're playing online, there won't be anyone to bug you about how long you might take to decide on a bet, so you can really relax into the game.

Roulette gambling has been around for around 300 years, and hasn't really changed much since the roulette wheel was first invented. Originally there were no green pockets with 0's in them, and there were just the red and the black; just 36 pockets for the ball to fall into. It wasn't long before someone came up with the idea to add that first green '0' pocket, and away the casinos went with their house edge ramping up to 2.7% with that one move. When the '00' pocket was added, that doubled the house edge, but didn't deter anyone from roulette gambling. When it was introduced to the the U.S., it quickly became the most popular game at the casinos, and was known as "The King of Casino Games". This might be because it was just that popular, and deserved the name because of that, or because it was associated with the rich and luxurious casinos in places like Monte Carlo, where it was known that the royalty of Europe liked to play. Either way, roulette gambling has changed very little in the 300 years since its invention, so you can think about the fact that you're playing basically the same game as was played in Europe in the 1700's.


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