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Roulette Rules - This is where you learn to play roulette!

If you're looking for a casino game that's easy to learn, roulette rules couldn't be simpler. There almost aren't any rules because you're not rolling the dice, or playing a hand of cards; all you have to do is place your bet, and watch the ball spin around 'til it lands in a pocket, then see if you won! The only real roulette rules center around how and when to place your bets. One of the things that slows down the game of roulette is the time taken for all the players to place their bets. It's not like Craps, where you put some money on the Pass Line, and just leave it there. Roulette betting can be anything from someone being determined to stick with their bet on red, to someone who looks at the roulette table layout more like a lottery ticket, and carefully chooses 5 or 6 single numbers to bet on each time around.

Another quirk about roulette that could be lumped in with roulette rules is the fact that when you buy your chips, you just get a stack of blank chips matching the denomination you agree upon when you approach the table. In online roulette, you'll generally have the standard array of chips of different denominations from $1 all the way up to $500, and maybe higher. but in casino roulette rules, you are given a stack of chips that all have the same value, and are colored differently than any other player's chips so the dealer can keep track of who's who. Let's say you decide you'd like $100 dollars worth of chips. Generally, the dealer will give you a certain amount of chips, based on the denomination you want. If you want $1 chips, you'll get 100 of them, if you want $2 chips, you'll get 50. The idea is that when you win a bet, the dealer just adds to the chips that are there, in the appropriate amount matching the odds for that bet, without the bother of having to calculate what the actual winnings are. If you placed money on an even bet, the dealer just matches what you laid down. If you bet on a column with 2:1 odds, the dealer would just double what you laid down, and add it to your chips. With these roulette rules, you can't mix in your chips from the blackjack table, and you can't walk away with some roulette chips and play craps with them. You must cash in your chips before leaving the table, where you'll get regular chips in exchange for your roulette chips.

The only other thing you should know about roulette rules is about how and when to place your bets. Generally, the dealer will say "Place your bets" when it's OK to put your chips down on the table. You'll want to be fairly precise about where you put your chips too, because depending on the exact location, they might mean a different type of bet than you were intending. One thing to watch out for is where the divisions between the numbers are. If you mean to bet on a single number, and you put your chips partially over the line that divides your number off from its neighbor, you might actually be betting on both numbers. If this is the case, and your originally intended number comes up, you'd be awfully disappointed to get only 17:1 odds on your bet instead of the 35:1 odds you were expecting. So be very careful to observe the roulette rules about where the chips go on the table. If you're not careful, you could end up with less than half the winnings you were hoping for. On the other hand, if you're a bit sloppy with a Split Bet, and your chips end up only on one of the two numbers you were intending, you might just get really lucky and hit the one number, doubling your winnings because of a bit of inattention to the roulette rules.

And as far as when it's no longer acceptable to place a bet, you might be surprised that roulette rules let you place a bet even after the ball has been sent around the wheel. Usually, the dealer will wave his hand over the table as an indication that bets are no longer permitted, and if there are new players at the table, might even say "No more bets" out loud, just for the newbies. That's really all there is to roulette rules. Not much to remember as you can see. Just some etiquette, and common sense to remember, and the rest is all luck. Have fun out there!


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