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Roulette System - Make the most of your bankroll!

A roulette system is pretty easy to find on the Internet. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sites out there that will tell you that theirs is guaranteed to make you a millionaire. If there's one piece of advice we'd like to give you on this page, it is to NOT be taken in by any of these "guaranteed" systems. Think of it this way: if there was even one roulette system out there that really worked, do you think casinos would still be making the big bucks off this casino game? Hopefully you answered that question with a resounding "NO!", because that's the correct answer. There simply is not a system that is definitely going to make you win every time, or make you luckier than you can be on your own. And as another piece of advice, we'd like to tell you that working from the angle of "How much can I afford to lose?" is your best method for hanging on to your money.

Now that that's out of the way, we'd like to tell you about a few of the more well-known roulette systems that have been around for a while. Some of them might look like the answer to your prayers, but please read the following section of our site very carefully, and you'll be able to walk away from the roulette table with your bankroll intact, and hopefully a little larger. Note that none of the following systems has ever been shown to work in anyone's favor, and we're just discussing them here to inform you of the potential pitfalls of being sucked in by one of them. If you're still curious about any of these systems after reading through this page, then by all means, try them out. But only with a free online roulette game, so you don't end up shirtless in a short time.

The best known roulette system is really an all-purpose betting system that can be used with any game where you might place a bet. The Martingale system has been around for ages, and most people have heard of it, even if they don't know how it works. It's simply a system where you'd double your bet every time you lose. Sound strange? Well, the "logic" behind it tells you that if you do this, you're bound to win at some point, and at that point, you'd really only make back your original winnings. For example, let's say you placed a $5 bet on Red. If you lose 6 times in a row (not an unreasonable scenario in roulette), you'd be betting $320, just to win your original $5. Sound smart? And what if the table limit is $300? You'd be out of luck after only 5 losses, and you'd never make your winnings back.

You may have also heard of a roulette system called d'alembert, where you add to your bet if you lose, and take away from it if you win, always working with the same amount of money, referred to as "a unit". It sounds like it should work, but it depends on there being an equal spread of the 1:1 bet you choose. So if you put $5 on Red, using this roulette system depends on there being 50 reds and 50 blacks hit in 100 spins. If you know anything about odds, you will easily see that this will rarely, if ever, happen. It depends on people believing that when a coin is flipped, because there is an equal chance that the flip will result in a head or a tail, out of 100 flips, you're guaranteed to get 50 of each. try flipping a coin 100 times and see for yourself. That 50-50 chance of getting either a head or a tail is for EACH flip, not over the course of 100. An looking at roulette again, you might have forgotten about those pesky zeros. With even one in there (in European roulette), those odds drop. With American roulette, they drop even more. In reality, the chances are that there will be a higher number of either reds or blacks in a session, rarely will they be equal.

The last roulette system we'd like to discuss with you is one that is perhaps the least dangerous, but is still not guaranteed. It's called Parlay and it depends on you winning your bet. Here's how it goes: Let's say you place $5 on Red, and you win. You then take those winnings ($5) and add it to the $5 that's already there. You may have heard of this type of betting system referred to as "letting it ride". Basically, you just keep adding your winnings to the original bet until you lose. It's basically the opposite of the Martingale system, but you're only using your winnings to bet with, not your remaining bankroll. So if you win that last bet of $10, you'd take your winnings and add it to the $10 that's there. You can see where this is going, but only if you continue to win! The key with this roulette system is to make a firm deadline as to when you're going to pull your chips off the table, and stick to it no matter what. So if you say "I'll let it ride until I've won 5 in a row", you shouldn't waver from that goal, or you're in danger of starting to lose big. Remember that you only bet $5 originally, so any winnings you make are the casino's money. Better yet, you could take your original bet of $5, put it in your pocket, and continue on with your winnings only, thereby risking none of your own money.

Now, remember what we said way at the beginning? If you ever have the urge to try out any of these roulette systems, or any others that you come across, by all means, give them a whirl. But ONLY with a free roulette game, NEVER with your hard-earned cash. If you stick to that, you'll clearly see that there is no real guaranteed winning roulette system. Only those that prey on your millionaire fantasies. Play Smart!


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