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Roulette Strategy - How to Win!

If there's one roulette strategy that you can count on, you can be sure that in order to win big at this game, you either need to be very rich or very patient. Roulette has the highest house edge of any casino game, which makes it harder to win at. It's also probably the most relaxed game you'll find at the casino, with no hooting or hollering like happens around the craps table. Roulette has a relaxing atmosphere at the table, and is a relaxing game to play too, and this is because it's so easy to learn. All you have to do is place a bet and hope for the best. Each spin of the wheel is a new game, as it were. Unlike craps, where a session can last for a long time, with the shooter simply refusing to seven out, roulette just goes happily along, one spin at a time.

You'll certainly come across lots of sites on the Internet that have the "Ultimate" roulette strategy. One that will make you rich in the blink of an eye, or one that will give you win after win after win. Please, if you only take one thing away from this site, it should be that there is no sure fire roulette strategy for winning. It's all up to the spin of the wheel and that pesky little ball rolling around it. With American roulette, there's of course the extra "00" slot for the ball to fall into, so possibly the best roulette strategy we can offer you is to get over to Europe, and play on a singe-zero roulette table, to cut the house edge in half.

There's another roulette strategy that we can talk about here, but the only place we've heard about it being available is also in Europe. It's called the "En Prison" (In Prison) rule. Basically what it means is that if the ball lands in the zero pocket, your bet may remain where it is (in prison) and await the next spin. If your number wins on the next spin, your original bet is returned to you, but no more than that. If a zero comes up on the very next spin, your bet will remain in prison. And if neither of those two things happens, your bet is gone. Remember though, that this bet is only available on even money, outside bets (such as Red, Black, Even, Odd, High and Low). But as a roulette strategy, this European rule can lower the house edge to an amazing 1.35%!

Another great roulette strategy is to keep your eyes peeled for another rule that's more common in the U.S., called Surrender. Don't confuse this with the Surrender rule in Blackjack, because they're not the same thing. In roulette, the surrender rule says that if the ball falls in the 0 or 00, you only lose half your bet, not the whole thing. If you can find a roulette table with the Surrender rule, you're looking at a roulette strategy that can cut the house edge on even money outside bets in half. This makes these bets twice as attractive as the inside bets, and though you have to give up the potential for big wins, you do get that lower house edge, so it's not a bad roulette strategy at all. In the U.S., there are some tables in Atlantic City that offer the Surrender rule, but it's pretty rare to find. And single-zero tables that offer the Surrender rule are almost impossible to find, though we've heard of a casino in Baden, Germany that does offer it.

So, really, the best roulette strategy that we can come up with is to just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's a fun game to spend some time playing, and if you stick with it, you never know what might happen!


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