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We hope you've enjoyed your time at This site is meant to give you all the information on roulette that you might need before heading off to the casinos. We hope you've read through everything we have to offer, and have reached this page at the end of your time here on our site. This page is all about other roulette resources on the Internet. There's so much roulette information out there, that it's hard for one site to do the game justice. That's why we've added this page of links to other reputable roulette information sites on the Internet. Some of them are sites we used to visit when we were learning about roulette, and some of them are roulette resource sites we've discovered since we grew to love this game.

If you have come upon a site that you feel should be added to our list, please to tell us about it. Also, if you have some information about roulette that you think we should include in this site, by all means, please let us know. We want this site to provide as much roulette information as possible for you, the player.

And lastly, if you find an error, or see some piece of information about roulette that is missing from our site, please too. We'd hate to be misinforming anyone out there, especially those that are new to the game, and are depending on roulette information sites like to help them get familiar with the game of roulette.

As far as roulette sites on the Internet, one of our favorites is a site on virtual roulette. is a great roulette portal made especially for beginners to the game. And you can't get much better than the expertise offered by Ted Knuden. At his roulette site,, you can find out all there is to know about roulette from the expert himself. And what if your first language is German? You just might like this German site on roulette, or glücksspiel. One of our staff comes from Germany, and he was thrilled to find this great roulette site in his native language!

There are a lot of people here at who also like other casino games, and the most popular by far in our office is blackjack. One of the best we've ever come across is by a dude calling himself Mr. James, or the BlackjackMan. He's got a site with free blackjack, and loads of links to other great blackjack sites, along with tons of information about this great game at And if you're a fan of online blackjack you have to visit for rules, strategies, history and stories for the world's most widely played gambling card game.

And if you like to gamble, you definitely need some good gambling books to read up on to get you started in the right direction. There's a guy called Simon "Bobby" Knox, who's got a site filled with gambling book reviews that cover all the most popular games. should not be passed up if you're heading to the casino, and want to read up on your favorite game!

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